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On April 29, 2020, Ontario expanded the list of frontline workers who are eligible for the temporary “pandemic pay” that was announced on April 25, 2020 (read our Week in Review #5 for an overview of pandemic pay).

The following types of workers were added to the list and will be eligible for pandemic pay:

  • paramedics;
  • respiratory therapists in hospitals and in the home and community care sector;
  • public health nurses; and
  • addictions and mental health workers.


Clearly, this is great news for these newly eligible workers and their employers. The province providing pandemic pay to such workers will not only aid them financially, it also demonstrates Ontario’s appreciation for the hazardous work that they are performing on the frontlines of this crisis. Accordingly, the employers of these workers may see a morale boost amongst newly eligible workers during these trying times. Also, where such employers are facing staffing shortages, the availability of pandemic pay may help encourage greater attendance by eligible workers, thereby reducing shortages.

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